Los Angeles, 2023. CyberPlagues – incurable technology-epidemics — have swept the country crippling victims whenever they’re near electro-magnetic fields, amplified sound or petroleum fumes. The credit card industry has merged with the health insurance industry, making it impossible for a person with high cholesterol to order a pizza without losing his benefits or for a person with a family history of lung cancer to light up a cigarette.

When disgraced police detective Diana McNight hires on with Drakanis Consulting, her street smarts and tech savvy complement the more cerebral skills of former professor John Drakanis. Their first case: famous scientist Dr. Samuel Wilkes has suffered a fatal heart attack while sitting in a sophisticated diagnostic device he invented: the Redcrosse Chair. Where the health/credit companies track every ailment, purchase and move their subscribers make, Redcrosse promises clear, actionable medical advice with no data trail.

The project had been a holy mission for Wilkes, but now he’s dead and it looks like Redcrosse killed him. Was it really an accident or was it murder? As Diana and Drakanis investigate, more and more accidents happen to them and the people around them– can they find the truth before it’s too late?

Action, suspense, intrigue and a too-near-to-the-truth future world combine for a thrilling and thought-provoking read!

Explore this site to order today and learn more about author Brad Berens.

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  1. hey Brad, will suggest this book to Marissa, the plot sounds interesting and I love the idea of credit card co’s and health insurance working “together” … talk about Big Brother eh?!

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