THIRD Review of Redcrosse: Check it out!

Brian Bulkowski, CEO of database company (& ad:tech exhibitor!) CitrusLeaf and who tweets as @bbulkow, has reviewed Redcrosse on Amazon!  THANK YOU, BRIAN!

Here’s an excerpt:

I’m very happy I found this book. With fewer books coming out, and the demise of my local booksellers, it’s hard to get recommendations that point me to something new and amusing. Mr Berens has a new voice, and has created a fun read.

Stylistically, the dystopia in Redcrosse is closer than is common in science fiction. Mr Berens doesn’t see as far ahead as is common in strict science fiction. I’m reminded of Neil Stephenson’s The Big U, the under-appreciated first novel set in a “megauniversity”, instead of the slightly later and more developed wild ride of Snow Crash.

Read the rest here.

Brian is now the second reviewer to compare me to Neil Stephenson, which is high praise indeed.

Please download the free sample of Redcrosse, and if you like it, please buy the digital ($4.99) or physical ($18.99) copy and read the rest!

Special Hardback Limited Edition Coming Soon!

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