Another review on Amazon, this one by Tom Hespos!

Tom Hespos has generously reviewed Redcrosse on Amazon– thank you, Tom!

Here’s an excerpt:

One of the most enjoyable aspects of this book for me was wondering to myself about how Berens’ day gig shaped the version of the future he paints. As a guy who has to keep his finger on the pulse of digital technology and how it affects all of us, Berens is able to craft a futurescape where privacy is gone, the world is run by mega-conglomerates and the demarcations between the haves and the have-nots have crystallized and created an underclass of sick people with no access to healthcare and no way to function meaningfully in society. As it is with most great scifi, readers extrapolate from our society’s technological and sociological trajectories and can see that Berens’ imagination might not be too far off.

And click this link to see the whole review!

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